About Us

Toddlers Unlimited is a progressive nursery school that believes children learn through play, active exploration, concrete experiences, and interaction with a carefully prepared environment, high quality learning materials, qualified adults and group of peers. Toddlers Unlimited is a Toddler School and Preschool founded in April 1995 by Angela de la Cruz-Palacio and Barbara Server-Veloso, initially offering a summer playgroup for a few toddlers at Barbara’s residence in Ayala Alabang Village.

We are guided by developmentally appropriate principles in child development, as specified by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), https://www.naeyc.org an organization of Educators and Child Specialists in the United States.


In July 1999, Toddlers Unlimited opened a Learning Center at the 4th Level of Festival Supermall, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang. Despite the mall setting, Toddlers Unlimited continues to provide a homey environment. Toddlers Unlimited is appreciated because of its very relaxed atmosphere and progressive approach to learning. Staffed by dedicated and qualified teachers that are warm, loving and sincere.

Our school encourages not only the child’s active exploration and interaction with peers, adults, and materials, but the active involvement of parents in the school setting, as well. We follow a process-oriented way of teaching where teachers provide opportunities to explore a wide variety of materials. The child’s enjoyment and learning through these explorations are given more importance than the final product.

Because of the positive experiences children have at Toddlers Unlimited, they become ready to move on to more structured settings and do quite well in big schools when the time comes. Our aim is not simply to prepare children for big schools but to form minds that are critical…that question and not simply accept everything presented to them. This is why we encourage children to explore, discover, and come up with their own answers and ideas rather than responses learned from rote or paper & pencil drills.

Parent Participation is very valuable to us. We encourage this by inviting them to be parent volunteers in the classroom or on field trips and home visits. Parents are welcome to give suggestions and share their resources such as books, videos, photos, and materials. They are kept updated on school events through a correspondence notebook, Parent’s Bulletin Board, school newsletters, emails and Viber groups.

Teachers meet with parents at least 3 times in the schoolyear to discuss goals, concerns, and progress, and we give weekly anecdotal reports. We also keep in touch through our Facebook page, Facebook group and twitter account.

Quality education and first class child-care are our top priorities. These are what we have been known for and these are the standards we always strive to uphold. We were first ISO certificated in 2001, and are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company until today. Toddlers Unlimited is also a Dep-Ed recognized school.

Our Vision

It is our vision that the children of Toddlers Unlimited Learning Center, Inc. evolve into independent learners and creative thinkers who are excited about school and enthusiastic about learning. They have a zest for living, confidence in their abilities, and lifelong skills that will encourage them to make a difference in their community.


Our Mission

Toddlers Unlimited Learning Center, Inc. is a dynamic organization of vibrant and committed educators pursuing excellence in providing early childhood education and other childcare services responsive to the developmental and educational needs of young children.

Who We Are:

Barbara Server-Veloso, MA: Co-Founder, School Head

Barbara Server Veloso or Teacher Thumby is the School Head who created and developed the Pups Class Program (for 4’s and 5’s). She holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of the Philippines, where she majored in Family Life and Child Development. Her thesis was a study on The Play of Filipino Two-Year-Old’s In A School Setting. She finished her undergraduate studies at the Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, concentrating on Psychology and Communications.

Prior to setting up Toddlers Unlimited with Teacher Gila, Teacher Thumby gained teaching experience from Child First in Manila Polo Club, Makati. She is also a contributing writer for Smart Parenting Magazine. She has been teaching since 1993. She is the loving mother to her son, Lucas and daughter, Verena.

She is also a founder of Thinkers Unlimited, the Primary Grades Progressive Program for grades 1 to 5.

Teacher Thumby is also a partner in Spark Discovery Center in Makati. She teaches the Baby and Me Class.

Angela de la Cruz Palacio: Co-Founder, former School Director, consultant

Angela de la Cruz Palacio or Teacher Gila was the school director from 1995 to 2011. She is an MA degree holder of Special Education from Macquarie University in Sydney. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of the Philippines in Family Life and Child Development.

Prior to co-founding Toddlers Unlmited, Teacher Gila taught toddlers and nursery classes for three years in Child First in Manila Polo Club, Makati before becoming its Principal.

Teacher Gila also tutored Math, Reading and Science to elementary, high school, and college students. During summers, she offered Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Classes to 3 to 6 year olds. She volunteered her services for two years as a Play Therapist at Dr. Honey Carandang’s clinic in Greenhills. She has been an educator since 1990. She is a devoted mother of two boys, Jaime and Paris. She is currently residing in Sydney, working with children with Special Needs.