Toddlers Unlimited occupies an area of approximately 400 square meters on the 4th Floor of Festival Supermall overlooking Pixie Forest Amusement Park. We have 5 classrooms, a Romp Area, library, kitchen, comfort rooms, Galileo Room, Visitors’ Lounge and Administration Office.

The school is designed to have a homey atmosphere, with wooden flooring, bright lights, and pastel colored walls. It is child-friendly with smooth flooring, furniture & walls, rounded edges on shelves and wall corners. The doorknobs and sinks in each classroom are low enough for the children to reach.

There are separate bathrooms for boys and girls. The boys’ bathroom has a urinal that is low enough for boys to reach. We have a baby-changing table, where infants’ and toddlers’ dirty diapers can be changed. We also have another bathroom for adult visitors and caregivers.

Toddlers Unlimited has several security and safety measures: Our teachers undergo training each year with the Philippine National Red Cross. We have a security guard and strict signing out procedures. We collaborate with the Festival Supermall Security Department to ensure a safe environment for all families while in the mall. And we conduct regular Earthquake and Fire Evacuation drills with our students.


A typical classroom at Toddlers Unlimited is one rich in a variety of learning materials. Our materials are of the best quality, many of them imported from Japan, United States and Germany.   

Each classroom is divided into different learning areas, where materials that can be used in specific ways can be found.


 The area is covered with padded flooring and walls have rounded corners and edges for safety.

The Romp Area is outfitted with play equipment and structures from Little Tikes® like slides, activity gyms, teeter totters, a playhouse, basketball set and our Toddlers Community Center for pretend play.

Additionally, the Romp Area has balls, parachutes, bubbles, balance beams, floor mats for games, and maypoles that children use occasionally.

The murals on the Romp Area walls and ceiling are the work of Mr. Art Suarez and his team.


Our modest library is the home to over 2,800 books lovingly collected over a span of many years. 

It is also used as a Work Room for our 5-year-old students, Occupational and Speech Therapy, Tutorials and Breastfeeding room for nursing moms. 

Because Toddlers Unlimited is an advocate for early literacy, we promote Family Reading Times through our Reading Programs and Reading Kits. We also allow our students to take home books from a selection of books selected by the teachers.


Our school store has learning materials and other knick knacks Mommies and their Tots will enjoy.