The principles that our program is based on come from recent research and developments that have been studied and are being practiced in progressive schools across the United States and Europe.

Some of our basic principles are enumerated below:

  • Every child is unique. Each child has her own pace of learning and growing, approach to situations, talents and innate capacities.

    Thus, we provide for a wide range of activities, because we believe that the child must have experiences that are adapted to her needs.

  • All aspects of development are interrelated.

    We do not focus simply on intellectual development only. We consider the child as a whole. We plan for his development in the Physical, Social, and Emotional aspects as well.

  • Intelligence develops as it is nurtured.

    Children become passionate about learning, when it is fun, interesting and interactive. When this natural love for learning is nurtured, children are able to comprehend, retain and question so much more.

  • Play is an important avenue for learning.

    It is through play that the child tests, explores, discovers, stores up impressions, classifies, organizes, assimilates and accommodates experiences.

  • The child's attitudes and feelings are important in learning and in healthy personality growth.

    When a child has a healthy sense of self, she can use her capacities to the fullest. We respect the child and her feelings, help her learn to become aware of her feelings, and guide her, so she is able to express herself in constructive and creative ways.

  • Understanding, responsible guidance is necessary for a child to develop to his full potential.

    We put a lot of importance on the teacher. She is a key figure in the center. She must be able to build a personal relationship with each child, allowing them to trust in her, so that they may be able to venture forward to explore, learn and grow.

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