My children practically grew up in Toddlers, with us calling it our second home, and the teachers and staff part of our family. Both Maya and Emma started here, with Teacher Gila as their teacher in the Baby and Me class. Each year, I could see how well they develop in every aspect – socially, emotionally, cognitively, physically, etc… They are confident learners and are able to express themselves well.

This year, Maya is graduating from middle school. She has earned for herself, several academic awards, an outstanding research paper and defense award, and good citizen awards. She was the PRO of the Student Council.

Emma, who is incoming Grade 5, has earned for herself several awards as well, and just recently won a seat in the Student Council of next schoolyear as President.

A lot of people say it’s because my children are so smart. Yes, but given that, I truly believe as a parent that just being smart is not enough. Here at Toddlers and Thinkers, they learned to work well with others, to care for others, to be happy and excited to learn and discover new things, to be creative and resourceful in problem solving, to express themselves well, and to trust their teachers as nurturing people to whom they can turn to for help and comfort. They were accepted for being what they are, and simply encouraged to be the best version of themselves.


By: Sharon, mom of Maya, Toddlers Unlimited SY 2006 to 2011 and Emma, SY 2008 to 2016 Toddlers & Thinkers Unlimited

Halos lahat ng tao ang automatic na tanong pag napagusapan si Joaquin, “Saan nag aaral si Joaquin?”

I always proudly say, “Toddlers Unlimited.”

Pero di nila kilala. Wala akong matandaan na kaibigan ko na nakakakilala sa school ni Joaquin. Palaging may kasunod na explanation. “Progressive school siya sa Alabang…sa loob ng Festi.”

Next question lagi, “Magkano tuition?” After I answer, ang usual reaction is, “Ang mahal naman bakit hindi na lang sa ganito ganyan na school?”

Many others would post achievements of their kids all year round – medals, perfect exam scores, high grades etc., etc. I have always been happy for the parents, my friends. We don’t have such awards in Joaquin’s school. BUT, I have never been jealous, this school has exceeded my expectations. My son has his own achievements, too, just no medals and periodical exams in their school.

Joaquin enjoys school so much that he is always looking forward to going to school everyday – even on weekends, even on holidays, even when he’s not feeling well. Yes, sulit ang bayad namin sa school haha!

This is how I wanted Joaquin to become – a happy learner. He would always surprise us with new things he learned from school. From addition/ subtraction, to planets/sun/moon, even to the Pharaohs of Egypt. He still recalls everything by heart up to now.

Plus factor is the culture in Toddlers where you get to be friends with the Teachers and parents of other kids  I know my son is always safe because other parents would care about all the kids in school, as much as I do care about theirs. Joaquin would always commend me when he sees me talking to his friend’s parents. It makes the kids happy for some reason.

Joaquin would randomly say that he misses Toddlers already.

We’ll be in Thinkers Unlimited next year 😎

By: Bles, mom of Joaquin, SY 2016 to 2018 (but going to Thinkers)

Toddlers Unlimited have been a great part of our daughter’s life for the past 2 years. This school focuses on the needs of the kids and really puts premium on proper education. As a testament, our daughter, Andi recently took entrance exams from 3 big schools and have passed all 3 with high marks. I attribute that to the education provided by Toddlers Unlimited. They really focus on preparing toddlers to become future achievers. Thank you Toddlers Unlimited, for helping us let Andi be who she is now.”
By: April, mom of Andi SY 2016 to 2018

Since Toddlers Unlimited was Louis’ first school experience, it helped her a lot not just in learning her ABCs, but also in dealing with other people like her classmates and those that are older like the teachers and staff. She was a smart and sociable kid even before Toddlers, but her experience there has made her grow leaps and bounds. She became a better “leader”, influencing her classmates. She became more sociable, more controlled with her emotions and more outspoken. She also started some acts of independence by simply washing her hands by herself.

By: Sam Reboja, mom of Louis, Funny Bunnies SY 2013-14 Gabby has a lot of fond memories of Toddlers. She loved hosting a class

Gabby has a lot of fond memories of Toddlers. She loved hosting a class for her teachers and classmates at home. She enjoyed the fund raising they had for Typhoon Yolanda where they cooked and sold pizza bread. She can’t forget about their lesson on the different planets in outer space. She still mentions her Teachers Michelle, Anna and April every now and then and still thinks about her classmates. Toddlers has made learning fun for Gabby that every time we ask her now how her school day went she always replies, ‘It was fun!’ As parents, we will always remember the moving up day where the students enjoyed performing and being recognized.

By: Meg Bitong, mom of Gabby, Bouncy Bunnies Class, 2013-14

Pieter is such a happy and vibrant boy. Toddlers gave him so much exposure to various learning experiences that boost his confidence. The teachers are doing a great job teaching and playing with him. There, I know he feels safe and loved. Pieter loves going to Toddlers. Thank you, we truly trust our son with Toddlers.

By: Joriel van der Auwera, Pieter 3 years old

I think that Toddlers Unlimited is an excellent place to send kids to prepare for big school. I am completely satisfied. If I had 100 kids, all of them would go to Toddlers.

By: Michelle Gullon, Mother of Daemian, 3 years old

I think that Toddlers Unlimited is an excellent place to send kids to prepare for big school. I am completely satisfied. If I had 100 kids, all of them would go to Toddlers.

By: Tiger Garrido, M.D., Daddy of Bella and Chase

Toddlers Unlimited had a great impact on my daughter’s social skills. She became more friendly and less shy. Her curiosity became more intense and her language skills are much improved.

By: Anna Lynn Alix, mother of Andee 3 years old

A fantastic learning environment! I have never met more caring and dedicated teachers! My kids feel so at home in Toddlers.

By: Kat Azanza, mother of Nico, age 5, and Matteo, age 2

Toddlers celebrates each child’s uniqueness, a reflection of the school’s loving guidance and brilliant approach.

By: Tamila Tapales, mother of Sage, age 4

I play with a lot of toys and I really have fun!

By: Sabine Katigbak, age 5