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A Leader In The Industry

When Toddlers Unlimited started in 1995, we introduced Developmentally Appropriate Practice to the Alabang Area. We were the first preschool to operate in an Alabang Mall in 1999. We were the first preschool to receive ISO certification in the Philippines in 2001. In Alabang, we are the first preschool to offer a Progressive Primary Grades Program, called Thinkers Unlimited.


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We are now located in CommerCenter, a posh multi-level center with upscale shops and restaurants, as well as high quality service providers from health care, therapy services, to pet grooming. Plus cinemas that are clean and comfortable. We have upgraded our facilities, great security, and can validate parking for up to 3 hours.


Thinkers Unlimited / Progressive Elementary School

On Toddlers Unlimited’s 19th year, we launched a Progressive Primary Grades Program. The first of its kind in Alabang. We planned to add a new grade level each year.

Today, our grade school, Thinkers Unlimited, offers classes for Grades 1 to 6 students.

Our vision is to help cultivate thinkers in a school they love



Unlocking Imagination, One Word at a Time: Where Little Minds Blossom into Confident Readers and Writers!


Discover the wonders of Math and Science through playful exploration, nurturing young minds for a brilliant future.


Nurturing young minds through creativity and color, where little artists bloom and imagination soars!

Critical Thinking

Building Young Minds: Nurturing Curiosity, Empowering Little Thinkers with Critical Skills for Lifelong Learning.

What is the school Philosophy?

The basic philosophy is that children learn through play and active exploration. We follow Developmentally Appropriate Practices as provided by the guidelines of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, which is the largest organization of educators and school administrators in the United States. We give children a lot of opportunity to learn through what they love doing best, play, so that learning is fun and meaningful, and an eagerness to learn and an enthusiasm for school is instilled at an early age.

What are your policies on health, safety and security?

Health: The following info must be submitted upon enrollment: immunization record and medical history. Children with symptoms of illness are required to stay at home until cleared by a doctor.

Security: Fetchers need to follow our sign procedure. Regular emergency drills are done to help prepare children and the school staff. Our school has CCTV and security locks.

Is the parent or yaya required or allowed to stay in the classroom? For how long?

Parents and guardians are not allowed inside the school. We have a waiting area outside the school premises. However, in special circumstances, the teachers may inform the child’s parent or guardian to come inside the room.

What are the qualifications/credentials of my child’s teachers?

The lead teachers are college graduates with degrees in Education, Psychology, and Child Development. Those that are college graduates in other fields (such as Business, Communication, Language) have taken units in Education.

All teachers (both lead and assistants) undergo rigorous in-service training by Toddlers Unlimited. The training includes lectures, workshops, hands-on work with children, assigned readings, written reports and teacher sharing sessions.

Some of our teachers are pursuing further studies (masteral studies in Psychology or Education). All teachers are dedicated and hard-working individuals who display genuine affection for their work and their pupils.

Toddlers Unlimited cooperates with universities and accepts college students in the fields of Education and Psychology for their on-the-job-training.

How much is the tuition? What does this include?

Tuition fees are only given upon visiting the school. Rates vary depending on the class your child joins.

Please call the school for more information or to schedule an appointment.


What Our Families are Saying

We did trials at a few preschools but my daughter really took to the teaching style and personalities at Toddlers Unlimited. I really appreciate how genuine they are in looking after the kids. It always the highlight of Dani’s week. — Mommy Michelle

I love that Soplie feels that going to school at Toddlers is just playtime with her friends.  Yet she always learns something new 🙂 –Mommy Ria 

My daughter is always excited to go to school. The atmosphere in Toddlers is warm and welcoming. It’s like a second home to my daughter. Teachers have a great way to engage their students and keep the parents updated with the progress of the child. We feel secure whenever our child is in school. It’s like they treat them as their own. — Mommy Joy